Product/Services - The external wall insulation process

The Insulation Board

We use only the best quality insulation board on the market: phenolic foam boards.

These boards have the highest thermal insulation and fire rating. They offer a 40% thermal gain over other types of insulation board and are suitable for all types of insulated renders and decorative finishes.

The insulation boards are fixed to the wall using a special adhesive. They are bonded like bricks then, for added security, they are drilled and pinned to the wall. The boards are fixed just above the damp coarse in an aluminum or stainless steel runner.

External Wall Insulation Phenolic Boards

The Render

Once the boards are placed all around the house, two layers of a specialist polymer adhesive render is applied onto the boards with a nylon mesh and embedded for strength and to prevent cracks appearing. Additional mesh is applied to the areas around doors and windows to further prevent cracks from appearing. The insulation boards have the ability to breathe so as not to trap moisture in the walls or in the outside insulation.

External Wall Insulation Render

The Finish

The final weatherproof and decorative render is then trowelled on to give a beautiful textured finish. The renders we use on exterior insulation boards are laced with glass fibre strands that allow them to flex with the thermal movement of a property, making them crack-proof and therefore require no decorating or maintenance for at least 20 years.

External Wall Insulation Decorative Finish