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Over the years, PLH impressions as a specialist contractor, has worked on many large commercial projects.

We know how important your project is to you. We strive to meet every expectation placed upon us. PLH Impressions is a proffessional team of trained, experienced, talented installers with over decade of installation experience. We also understand the importance of a commercial project. We ensure great dedication and great satisfaction to each and every project!

For more information, please contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our commercial or residential services.

Driveway Example

Providing the ground work is complete and the site is ready, it is quite possible for our team to install 1500-2500 square meters of concrete paving per week, depending of course on the complexitites of the installation.

We have laid major city centre roads, shopping malls, McDonalds and KFC drive throughs, promenades, and car parks. Some of this commercial paving work has been outside of the UK. Alot of this work has been carried out in other countries, such as in Germany and Dubai.


Make the right impression ... a PLH Impression

When designing a driveway it is a good idea to make the pattern look interesting to hide the crack control joints, this can be done with what we call a border stone or can be done with a different band of colour running through.

Commercial Forecourt Example

Crack control joints are an excellent method to reduce the stress on the concrete slab which helps prevent cracks. Depending on the paving pattern they can be fairly discrete, however, the crack controls are filled with mastic to further disguise them, adding another professional touch.

PLH Impressions Ltd implement a number of crack prevention methods in the final stage of the concrete paving process.

What ever the size or shape, PLH Impressions can deliver. Choose anything from patterned English Cobblestone to Italian Slate. Our work is to the highest standard and we deliver a first class service at the right price.


Cobblestone Driveway Example

We can deliver quality flooring through out the commercial sector. Car Showrooms, Car Forecourts, inside Shopping centres. PLH offer high standards and a full service.

Commercial Forecourt Example